What’s Next???

We’ve had a great couple of months at the Old Toll Bar but a lot of you are asking what’s next for Sunshine Tea Lounge. And we’d like to give you answers… but for now you’ll have to settle for some hints!

We have a packed few months coming your way with Sunshine Tea Lounge popping up in and around the City.

We may not have to go too far…

Keep your ear to the ground and your eye on Facebook to make sure you catch the latest about our next adventures!

Taste Buchanan

Sunshine moves in to Taste Buchanan on 23rd January. That means from 11am on Monday 23rd January, you can be trying out signature Crispy Pork & Spring Onion Beng or Vegetable Skewers in Sunshine Kitchen’s Sichuan Peppercorn and Cracked Black Peppercorn Oil served with Steamed Jasmine Rice from our convenient city centre location, 7 days a week!

You can’t beat that much sunshine in your life.